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Lydia Pang

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Lydia Pang


Offers a free plan
Hundreds of beautiful templates
Wide range of third-party apps
Excellent customer support


Wix websites are not transferable
Free plan has ads
Changing templates is a time-consuming and manual process


With over 800 beautiful templates to choose from, Wix is an easy to use website builder that allows anyone to develop a high-quality website for free. Wix boasts a powerful range of features, including an online store builder, industry-leading SEO techniques, media galleries, scroll effects, and even animation. Wix also offers a free plan, and is appropriate for small business owners looking to build a website or online store without hiring a web developer. 

Nonetheless, Wix’s free plan is supported by Wix ads, which might be distracting for some users. Switching from one template to another is also tricky as users have to transfer and reorganize their content from scratch. If these limitations are not an issue, Wix is an excellent choice for users looking for a website builder with shopping cart functionalities. 

In this Wix review, we will explore website builder features, pricing, ease of use, add ons, and more.

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What is Wix?

Founded in 2006, Wix is a cloud-based web development platform with eCommerce features. After encountering technical roadblocks while creating a website for another start-up idea, the Wix founders decided to turn their focus to website creation and build a website builder that anyone can use. By 2009, the site builder had reached a million users. In addition to Wix Stores, the company features other products and services, such as Ascend by Wix, Wix Logo Maker, Wix SEO Wiz, and Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). 

With over 180 million users in 190 countries, Wix empowers everyone with the right tools to create a stunning, professional, and functional web presence. 

Facts and Figures

Customers Worldwide150000000
FounderAvishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, Giora Kaplan
HeadquartersTel Aviv, Israel
CEOAvishai Abrahami

Wix Website Builder Features

From starting a website to managing an eCommerce store, Wix allows users to navigate web development with ease. With the Wix editor, users can add text, images, contact forms, and other content types onto their Wix site. Users can also track leads and monitor store performance using Wix’s web analytics and SEO tools. Finally, Wix boasts a reliable order management system and a safe checkout process, allowing store owners to sell products without complications. 

Webdesign Software

As a website builder, Wix boasts powerful design features such as video backgrounds, scroll effects, and animation. Beginners can create a website from scratch by dragging and dropping elements in the Wix Editor or applying filters to images. Users can also create and customize pages with the form builder or optimize their site rankings with Wix’s SEO tools. 

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Similar to most website builders, Wix hosts websites free of charge. Even on the free plan, users have access to 500MB of storage and 500MB of bandwidth. To get custom domain names or connect to an existing one, users will have to upgrade their website to a paid plan.

Wix has also developed the Wix Speed Test tool, one of the best tools available that accurately measures the speed and loading time of a Wix site. The Speed Test tool balances several factors such as the internal workings of sites built on Wix and interactive elements such as animation and videos before calculating the final score. Over 90% of Wix sites receive an excellent loading time. Users are also recommended to review best practices for site performance to obtain a better score.


Wix’s WYSIWYG drag and drop editor enables users to toggle and tweak web design changes without knowing how to code. From scalable font sizes to custom breakpoints, users can simply drag and drop customizable elements to create a professional-looking website. Users can also preview changes before saving the site and publishing it. 

Additionally, Wix provides users the ability to insert HTML code, though this functionality is only available for Wix sites with a connected domain. Users on Wix’s free plan will not be able to add custom code.

A customized landing page is useful for capturing site visitors’ interest and attention, allowing store owners to build traffic and collect leads. Wix enables users to add a blank page to a website, remove the header and footer, and set it as the landing page. An example of a landing page could be a “Coming Soon” page or a page designed to collect information from users, such as a newsletter subscription page. 

SEO Tools

One of the most effective ways of attracting new audiences on the Wix platform is through SEO management. Wix allows users to add relevant keywords that are appropriate for the site, as well as header tags that assist search engines in crawling and understanding a website’s content. To boost site traffic and audience engagement, Wix also features a wide range of social media icons that can be added to a website, including Facebook, Twitter, and lesser-known platforms like Google Places, Vimeo, and VK.

Form Builder

Wix Forms is a fully customizable form that allows users to collect information from their site visitors. There are many template forms to choose from, including a Get Subscribers form and a Payment form. Wix also provides an e-signature field so that visitors can sign their names. Some forms that may require signatures include registration forms, application forms, and incident reporting forms. Since forms are also an important part of store branding, Wix also enables users to design their own forms. 

Currently, Wix does not have an extensive CMS system. It is mainly a website builder and has features that function as parts of a CMS, but Wix itself is ultimately design-driven. Users can nonetheless create and organize content into collections using Wix’s Content Manager. Users can also upload a large number of images in JPEG and PNG formats and organize them into photo albums. Images can be rotated, resized, cropped, and be given a title and description. Users can even add frames to images and turn them into a button. Finally, Wix offers Shutterstock images for sale so that users always have access to professionally shot images.

In addition, the Wix Editor and the Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) are available in other major languages such as Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and much more. Using social media information that a user has provided, the Wix ADI automatically creates a website. Users do not have to worry about additional language setup — simply create a Wix website and start typing in whatever language they prefer. 

Wix Templates also offers hundreds of high-quality themes guaranteed to meet every user’s needs. These templates come from varied fields such as business, photography, and community, and education.

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Blogging Tools

The Wix Blog feature allows users to write and manage blog content and create categories while customizing the design of a post page. Users can enable or disable blog commenting, and choose to apply comment settings to all posts or specific posts. 

With Wix’s Store Analytics, store owners can view and analyze important information about their websites, such as how much traffic they received, what percentage of visitors purchased products, which products are most popular, and more. Other statistics include completed and incomplete orders, revenue, and the breakdown of purchase funnels. 

eCommerce Software

As Wix ensures that its users have all the tools they need to operate their eCommerce business, managing a store has never been easier. Store owners can add up to 50,000 products on a Wix site, manage discounts and coupons, create email campaigns, and customize their checkout pages. By adding a third-party app, users can also implement customer reviews, allowing buyers to leave comments and ratings on purchases. 

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Wix features promotion management tools that enable users to offer discount coupons to loyal customers. Wix Stores provides five types of coupons: a fixed price discount, a percentage discount, free shipping, sale prices, and Buy X Get Y free. Users have full control over how many times a coupon is used and can reactivate and deactivate them at any time. Coupons sent to customers via marketing tools such as newsletters can be applied at checkout. 

In addition to being a website builder, Wix also offers an online store builder feature through which users can display and manage their products. Users can add up to 15 images for each product, group products into collections, and add product variants and options. A user can also upload up to 50,000 products on their site, though this may eventually affect the store’s overall performance. 

Wix Edit Products Screenshot

Store owners who use Wix can sell physical products and digital products like music and ebooks. When selling physical products, users can track inventory, add product details such as SKU and weight, and add them to a collection. Store merchants can also display an “Out of Stock” message for no longer available items. 

Wix’s in-built order management system allows store owners to keep an eye on their orders, including updating an order’s shipping status and adding a tracking number. Owners can check the payment status of an order and also filter and search for a specific order. Notifications can be set up to let customers know once their orders have been shipped. 

Currently, Wix does not have a native feature to display customer reviews. However, within the Wix App Market, the third-party Customer Reviews app allows customers to leave feedback on a purchase directly. Store owners can create a contact form to allow customers to get in touch with the store’s customer support team. Finally, business owners can also optimize SEO results by starring certain reviews and displaying them in search results.

CRM features

Wix offers users the option to create and manage email campaigns using the marketing tools and CRM features available on the platform. After selecting a template and customizing it, users can make announcements and send newsletters, promote products in the store, and also send invitations to promotional events such as sales. Email marketing campaigns created in Wix can exist as standalone landing pages and provide key statistics such as open rates and click-through rates.

Merchants who use Wix have access to the following payment providers: Wix Payments, credit cards, PayPal, and manual payments. With Wix Payments, merchants can accept credit card payments immediately and have dedicated 24/7 support. However, Wix charges an extra 2.9% + 30 cents fee per transaction and this feature is only available in select regions like the USA, UK, and parts of Europe.

Business owners also have the option to customize their checkout pages by adding a business name or company logo. Store policies and contact information can also be added in the footer. 

Wix Pricing

Wix offers eight pricing plans divided into two sections: Website and Business & eCommerce. The “Website” pricing plans are suitable for users looking to create a website, whereas the “Business & eCommerce” pricing plans cater to business owners who want to set up and manage online stores. 

Wix also offers a free plan, though it features Wix ads and only supports up to 500MB of file storage. Upgrading from a free plan to a paid plan removes ads and provides the option to connect a custom domain. Note that these pricing lists are simplified for the purposes of this Teamwork review. For more information, visit the Wix pricing page for further details.


Wix ads appear on every page
Assigned Wix URL
500MB storage
500MB bandwidth
Customer support


from $14 per month

Connect a custom domain
Remove Wix ads
Free SSL certificate
24/7 customer care
Free domain for one year
30 video minutes
3GB storage space


from $18 per month

All of Combo’s features, and
One video hour
$300 ad vouchers
Site booster app
Visitor analytics app
1 video hour
10GB storage space

Business Basic

from $23 per month

Secure online payments
Plans and recurring payments
Customer accounts
Connect custom domain
Free domain for one year
Remove Wix ads
20GB storage space
Five video hours
$300 ad vouchers
24/7 customer care


from $39 per month

All of Pro’s features, and
Two video hours
35GB storage space
Priority customer care

Business VIP

from $49 per month

All of Business Unlimited’s features, and
50GB storage space
Unlimited video hours
Customized reports
Priority customer care

Wix Security

All Wix sites are secured with HTTPS/SSL encryption and ensure a safe purchasing process for customers. Additionally, Wix Stores only work with payment gateways that offer PCI DSS Level 1 level security certification. Wix is GDPR compliant and users within the EU have the right to request a copy of their data from Wix merchants and have it removed from the store’s database. Wix also strongly recommends all store merchants to comply with GDPR standards. 

Wix encrypts databases containing sensitive information by adding additional protections to personally identifiable information, and nobody can read this information without a cryptographic key. Third-party security consultants are contracted to ensure user data security and perform regular security audits and infiltration testing to maintain Wix’s ISO/PCI security certifications. For added security, Wix users can also turn on two-factor authentication.

Wix Integrations

Wix offers a variety of third-party apps, including shipping integrations and marketing integrations:

  • Google Analytics

  • Facebook Pixel

  • MailChimp

  • Hotjar

  • Google Ads

  • ShipStation

  • Fetchy

  • Boxtal

  • Quickbooks

Wix also lets users install widgets on their websites to enhance the overall site experience. Some of these widgets are: 

  • Wix Answers Help

  • Product Widget

  • Support Widget

  • Onboarding Widget

  • Multilingual Widget


    Using Wix’s easy to use and intuitive interface, anyone can build a beautiful and professional-looking website through simple drag and drop. Users can either start from a blank page or select one of Wix’s ready-made templates. Once logged in, the home dashboard features a navigation bar on the left that provides quick access to “Design”, “Settings”, and more. 

    Though still in beta mode, the newly released Editor X also enables users to make use of advanced features such as grid layouting, text scale, and custom breakpoints to tailor designs to any viewpoint, not just classic devices. Advanced sizing control also defines web elements as fixed or fluid, providing support to a variety of modern CSS units. 

    On the other hand, some users have reported a slow loading of Wix websites, especially if it contains a lot of content. Users should keep this in mind before signing up for a Wix account. 

    Mobile Apps

    Wix’s mobile app, available on iOS and Android devices, allows users to manage their websites and businesses on the go. Users can track orders and inventory, monitor shipping, add new products, and get push notifications sent to their phones. The mobile apps also allow users to write new blog posts and share important updates via push notifications.

    However, major design changes should be postponed until a user has access to a desktop.

    Wix Support

    Businesses using Wix can enjoy great customer support, including: 

    • Knowledge base: Wix’s self-serve help center contains extensive knowledge on how to master the platform. It features both articles and written and video tutorials designed to help users accelerate the learning process.

    • Blog: The Wix blog is updated regularly, featuring examples of websites designed using Wix and best practices on maintaining an online store. 

    • Direct support: Wix also offers phone support in different languages including English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. While the English language support is available 24/7, phone support in other languages is limited to several hours a day. Users can also sign into their Wix account and submit a ticket that describes the issue they are facing. Those on the VIP plan receive priority support.

    Wix Alternatives

    Wix is a great website builder that offers a plethora of features that enable individuals to create professional-looking websites. However, Wix sites are non-transferable and cannot be exported to other hosting platforms. Users can consider other alternatives, such as:

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    • Weebly review 

    • Zoho Sites review

    • Shopify review


    As a website builder with eCommerce features, Wix is a company that has earned its reputation. It offers an easy-to-use drop and drag interface, SEO tools, an eCommerce platform, and a striking collection of templates. Users can create a blog for content marketing, develop promotional campaigns, sell and manage products, and create a safe checkout process for customers. Additionally, Wix offers a free plan, providing new users a great opportunity to try out the site builder before committing to a paid plan. 

    On the other hand, Wix’s free plan comes with ads that some users might find distracting. Changing templates is also challenging as users will need to manually transfer all of their content from the old to new template. Nevertheless, Wix is ideal for beginners building a blog or a website for the first time. It is flexible and customizable, giving users control over their websites’ settings and design without being daunting. 


    Wix is a website builder that allows individuals to create professionally designed websites without technical knowledge. With their drag and drop interface, high-quality template collection, and advanced tools like website analytics and SEO tools, it is a great place for beginners looking to create a website for the first time.


    Using Wix is entirely free, though users will have to display ads on their websites and experience limited functionality. To unlock greater artistic and technical control, users will have to upgrade to a paid plan, which starts at $14 per month if billed annually. 


    Yes, Wix offers a discount for students. The Wix student discount unlocks a 50% discount on all yearly plans with the verification of a Student Beans ID. Students can enjoy hundreds of unique templates, showcase their skills and resume, as well as get a custom domain name and a personalized email address.