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ProWorkflow Review

last updated February 25th, 2021
by Proactive Software Ltd
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based on33 reviews
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Lydia Pang

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Lydia Pang


Simple, easy to understand paid plans
Strong set of collaboration tools
In-built messaging feature
Open API so teams can build their own integrations
Offers a 14-day free trial


Limited amount of integrations
No mobile apps
Lack of Agile tools


ProWorkflow is a web-based project management solution that facilitates communication between team members and helps them manage projects more effectively. ProWorkflow offers many project management features, such as Gantt charts, project budgeting, reporting tools, time-tracking, and in-built messaging. ProWorkflow also features a user interface that is easy to use and can be customized for various business needs. 

Users can expect good value for money with this project management tool. However, ProWorkflow does not support mobile apps and only offers a limited range of integrations. Since ProWorkflow does not offer Agile tools, it is best suited for freelancers and teams that are not involved in IT and software development. 

In this ProWorkflow review, we will explore project management features, pricing, ease of use, add ons, and more.

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What is ProWorkflow?

ProWorkflow is a project management tool with a focus on remote collaboration. While creating a basic job-tracking app, founder Julian Stone saw the opportunity to build a tool that could assist with internal communication and workflows. After realizing that the tool could also be beneficial for other businesses, Stone released ProWorkflow to the public. 

ProWorkflow was acquired by Proactive Software Ltd in 2003, who then sold ProWorkflow as a downloadable project management software. Over time, ProWorkflow evolved to become a cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) tool with an easy-to-use mobile web app. 

ProWorkflow has been on the market since 2002, making it one of the oldest project management solutions. To date, ProWorkflow has helped teams manage over 2.5 million projects, 17 million tasks, and has tracked over 39 million hours of work to date.

Facts and Figures

FounderJulian Stone
HeadquartersAuckland, New Zealand
CEOJulian Stone

ProWorkflow Project Management Features

Be it a solo freelancer or a team of specialists, ProWorkflow is equipped with the right project management features to help businesses manage both small and big projects. Proworkflow supports a diverse range of tools such as workflow management, Gantt charts, time-tracking, in-built messaging, invoicing, and capacity planning. Nonetheless, ProWorkflow does not support Agile tools such as Scrum or issue-tracking, making it a poor fit for IT and software teams.

Project Planning

ProWorkflow helps teams keep track of multiple projects through Gantt charts, task management features, and customizable templates. The Gantt chart feature allows project managers to color-code tasks for visual organization while creating milestones and adding resources. ProWorkflow also supports a bulk task editor, so project managers can quickly create and delegate tasks. Last but not least, customizable templates allow teams to set up projects out of the box and build common workflows. 

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Gantt Charts

ProWorkflow’s Gantt charts provide project managers an overview with what is going on in their teams. All projects and tasks can be color-coded and be displayed as bars on the chart. All tasks are editable and can be filtered. Additionally, the Gantt chart displays other critical information such as resource allocation for projects, along with any potential resource conflicts. With the Gantt charts, teams can plan projects better and easily reschedule work with the software’s drag-and-drop functionality. 

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Task Management

ProWorkflow has a bulk task editor so users can easily create and manage tasks with various elements attached, such as start and due dates, assignee details, task durations, file attachments, and more. The editor can also be used to assign external members like clients and contractors.

Team members can also create tasks that stand alone and are not associated with a project. Users who need to complete general work items can take advantage of this feature. Last but not least, ProWorkflow also offers customizable templates that help teams streamline tasks, create quotes and invoices, as well as reorder project information.

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Communication & Collaboration

ProWorkflow’s collaboration tools enable employees to share both big ideas and small details on projects and tasks in real-time. A major benefit of the software is the in-built messaging app, which saves teams the effort of having to use an external messaging tool like Slack. Project managers can also grant clients access to project materials without needing additional user licenses. With file storage limits ranging from 25GB to 50GB per seat, everyone on the team can safely store and organize their files in one central location.

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File Sharing

ProWorkflow’s file management system allows users to easily organize, upload, and share files with each other. On the Professional plan, each user has access to 25GB file storage, whereas on the Advanced plan, each user has 50GB file storage. ProWorkflow accepts most types of file formats, including PDF, DOCX, HTML, and more. 

Within the ProWorkflow platform, there is a dedicated section called “The Contact Manager”, where businesses can store all of their clients' information along with any important notes. Project managers can assign a Client role to clients, allowing them to log into ProWorkflow to view limited project information and updates. Adding a client does not require a user license, so teams can have an unlimited number of clients that can access the system.Teams can also send mass emails to clients using the “Bulk Email” option. 


ProWorkflow offers a discussion tool that allows team members to collaborate on tasks and exchange feedback with each other. In each task, users can start a new private or public message, either via the Messages tab or the Messages area located below. The discussion feature also supports the markdown style and file attachments, ensuring that all communication is clear and coherent. It also integrates with email, so users have the option of receiving email alerts and on-screen notifications in real-time. 

Resource Allocation & Planning

The resource planning features from ProWorkflow include reporting tools for time-tracking, capacity planning, project budgeting, accounting software, and different types of reports like project reports, time summary reports, and individual project reports. 

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Available as a desktop widget add-on, ProWorkflow’s time-tracker enables users to either track time via a stopwatch, manually enter a time entry, or simply drag and drop tasks into timesheets. Team members can also add any notes associated with a time record. Nonetheless, teams will have to download Adobe before being able to use this feature. 

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ProWorkflow makes it easy to manage project budgets and create professional invoices that can be sent to clients directly. With the invoice plugin, teams can set up invoices based on quoted prices, hourly rates, or standard line items, and create different invoices for different companies. Invoices can also be exported to Excel or PDF for archiving or analysis. 

Capacity Planning

With ProWorkflow’s Active Staff View, project managers can easily see which staff are logged in and what tasks they are working on. Project managers can also review team members’ workloads with the Workload Breakdown Report feature, which helps them identify load issues and team members with availability. 

ProWorkflow Pricing

Layer 1
Offers free trial

ProWorkflow offers two different pricing plans with a free trial of 14 days. The free trial gives users the chance to test out ProWorkflow’s features before committing to a pricing plan. The Professional plan is ideal for teams that require comprehensive project, task, and time management features, whereas the Advanced plan provides large teams with hierarchical control to manage multiple teams and groups. 

On the Professional plan, teams receive access to unlimited projects, SSL security, unlimited client/contractor access, 25GB file storage, quote templates and reports, and more. The Advanced plan offers a greater variety of features, including custom fields and forms, 50GB file storage, organizational charts, divisions editor, and more. 

Note that these pricing lists are simplified for the purposes of this ProWorkflow review. For more information, visit the ProWorkflow pricing page

Professional Plan

from $20 per user, per month

1+ users
Unlimited projects
25GB file storage
SSL security
ProWorkflow Mobile
iCal integration
Unlimited clients & contractor access
Comprehensive project management features and invoices

Advanced Plan

from $30 per user, per month

5+ users
Unlimited projects
50GB storage
SSL security
ProWorkflow Mobile
iCal integrations
Unlimited clients & contractor access
Comprehensive project management features, time tracking, and hierarchical control to manage multiple teams and group

ProWorkflow Security

ProWorkFlow is committed to protecting its clients and their data. These are the security measures they have in place according to their privacy policy: 

  • All accounts are protected with 128-bit SSL certificates and customer data is encrypted when sent over public networks.

  • Daily data backups are stored on both onsite and offsite servers.

  • Data is hosted by Rackspace in servers located in SAS70 Type II certified data centers. All data centers are staffed with security personnel 24/7 and monitored by CCTV and biometric access control.

  • ProWorkflow also supports SAML-based authentication and administrators can set granular per-user access based on the employee's job function and role. 

  • ProWorkflow’s audit logs track all account activity for 90 days. 

  • ProWorkflow is GDPR compliant and all credit card transactions are handled by a PCI-certified SAQ-A merchant.

ProWorkflow Integrations

Compared to other project management software, ProWorkflow offers a limited range of third-party integrations. However, ProWorkflow has an open API, so businesses can develop their own integrations if they choose to do so.  

ProWorkflow offers the following integrations:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • MYOB AccountRight
  • Box Storage
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • QuickBooks
  • KashFlow
  • Xero
  • FreshBooks Classic
  • Zapier


ProWorkflow has a well-designed UI and the software is easy to use. The platform’s default colors are orange and grey, but can be customized to suit personal preferences. There are tabs across the top of the main page for projects, notes, contacts, timesheets, and so on. 

The green plus button is a shortcut for creating anything in ProWorkflow, while the dashboard section in the platform gives users an overview of all the work that needs to be completed, along with their individual tasks and timings. Overall, ProWorkflow is extremely customizable and has excellent drag-and-drop capabilities to help companies get started right away.

Mobile Apps

ProWorkflow does not offer mobile apps in the App Store or Google Play store. Instead, it features a responsive mobile version of their desktop application named “ProWorkflow Mobile”. ProWorkflow Mobile can be accessed on most touchscreen-based smartphone browsers by adding '/m' to an existing ProWorkflow account URL. 

Team members are able to use some of the software’s core features, such as task management, time-tracking, messaging, and downloading files.

ProWorkflow Support

ProWorkflow provides a wide range of customer support options, including: 

  • In-App Help Function: There is an icon in the shape of a question mark on each page of the software. Specific support information will pop up depending on what page the user is on. 

  • Knowledge base: ProWorkflow’s self-serve help desk features video tutorials covering the basics of the software. Teams can also learn how to customize the UI and set up their accounts according to their workflows. 

  • Blog: Users can read about new features, updates, and upcoming additions to the software. 

  • Technical support: Customers can fill out a request form on the website’s support page. 

  • Phone: Users can reach ProWorkflow’s customer support staff during normal business hours, from 7AM till 4PM NZT (GMT+12).

ProWorkflow Alternatives

ProWorkflow is a project management software with a robust set of features, but ultimately lacks native mobile apps and a broad range of integrations. Teams looking for these features might consider:


ProWorkflow is a powerful, user-friendly project management solution that excels at client management and sales transactions. Teams using ProWorkflow can enjoy features such as task management, file-sharing, in-built messaging, budget management, time-tracking, and resource management. The software’s interface is intuitive and businesses are able to customize it according to their preferences. Due to the software’s rich functionalities, it can be used by individual freelancers as well as businesses of any size. 

While ProWorkflow is a great all-in-one solution for businesses, it does not offer native mobile apps and only supports a limited range of integrations. ProWorkflow also does not provide Agile tools so teams that require these features should consider other alternatives.


ProWorkflow offers two paid plans: Professional and Advanced. The Professional plan costs $20 per user, per month, whereas the Advanced plan costs $30 per user, per month. Both paid plans start with a 14-day free trial, so teams can test out ProWorkflow’s features before signing up for a subscription. 


There are a few ways that users can track time in ProWorkflow. The easiest way would be to drag and drop tasks directly into the timesheet, but it is also possible to manually add time or use the automatic timers.


To get started with ProWorkflow, watch the step-by-step video explaining the basics of how to use the software. To find out how to use specific functions of the software, check out the ProWorkflow support page.