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last updated February 25th, 2021
by ProofHub, LLC
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Offers free trial


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Lydia Pang


Features Kanban workflow and Gantt charts
Flexible task management options
In-built chat function
A range of project monitoring tools
Comprehensive time-tracking and time-management options
Intuitive file management system, including proofing tool


Limited options for third-party integrations
Lacks robust tools for budget management


ProofHub is a web-based project management software that helps streamline and optimize project management. The software provides a centralized workspace that facilitates collaboration and communication within and across teams. Features include both Kanban boards and Gantt chart views, various types of progress reports, and time management tools. ProofHub also features in-built messaging and a searchable, centralized file management system. The software’s interface is clean, modern, and intuitive. 

ProofHub is priced at a monthly flat rate, regardless of the number of users on the account, giving project managers and teams very good value for money. On the flip side, ProofHub lacks resource management tools such as accounting software and only has a limited amount of third-party integrations available to extend its overall functionality. ProofHub would be best suited for small to medium companies, especially those which are growing quickly.

This ProofHub review explores the software’s project management features, pricing, ease of use, add ons, and more.

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What is ProofHub?

ProofHub was founded in 2011 by Sandeep Kashyap, with the goal of enabling teams to get work done efficiently, together. Although ProofHub is a lesser-known project management software option, it offers a solid platform for team collaboration, a range of communication features, third-party integrations, and task management tools. Today, ProofHub is the project management software of choice for 85,000 customers globally. The software is available in English, German, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, and French. 

Facts and Figures

Customers Worldwide85000
FounderSandeep Kashyap
HeadquartersWalnut, California
CEOSandeep Kashyap

ProofHub Project Management Features

ProofHub is a well-designed, user-friendly tool with visual appeal. It offers a robust set of features for project planning, communication, and collaboration, designed to simplify teamwork and streamline project management. ProofHub has an extensive suite of tools for time-tracking and time management and, unlike many of its competitors, has an in-built messaging system. The software offers limited but functional options for teams using Agile methodologies. 

Project Planning

ProofHub includes essential project planning features that allow both teams and project managers to track and visualize their progress. The Kanban board is well-designed, with easy to use features and templates that can be customized by various teams and departments. Users can also create custom workflow boards. The flexible task management system can be easily adapted to the needs of teams and individual users.

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Gantt Charts

Gantt chart software allows users to create Gantt charts to visualize and track project progress, task lists, and to-do lists. The Gantt view allows each team member an overall snapshot of the project as well as an insight into their own responsibilities and tasks in relation to various project deadlines. It also shows dependencies for each project at a glance.

ProofHub Gantt Chart View Screenshot


The Kanban board view is easy to use and allows users to self-manage work as they move tasks into different stages of the workflow up to completion, through drag and drop. The board view is customizable and can be adapted to fit the needs of various teams.

ProofHub Kanban View Screenshot

Task Management

Tasks can be organized in a number of ways: as stand-alone action items, as part of customized task lists or to-do lists, or broken down into sub-tasks. They can be further customized through the addition of start and end dates, labels, file attachments, time estimates, and completion times.

ProofHub Overview Screenshot

As well as templates for basic workflow and Kanban workflow, Proofhub allows users to create their own custom workflows. These can be individualized by reordering, deleting, or adding work stages. Other team members and stakeholders can be kept in the loop with the option to tag other users at different stages. ProofHub also lets users automate recurring tasks.

Project managers can monitor progress by accessing a range of progress reports, including reports focused on overall progress and individual performance. These reports allow managers to efficiently analyze progress and refine project targets.

Communication & Collaboration

From in-built messaging to announcements, ProofHub provides a range of modes and methods for streamlined communication. It’s one of the few project management tools on the market to offer an instant messaging function. Collaboration is made easy through a file-sharing functionality and a discussion tool where teams can work alone or with clients. 

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The intuitive inbuilt chat feature allows users to send and reply to messages instantly. Users can chat one-on-one, in group chats, or in dedicated chat rooms. Files, documents, and images can all be shared within a chat.

File Sharing

ProofHub has a centralized file management system with search capabilities, which allows users to upload, organize, store, and share files easily. In addition, teams can review and collaborate on files with a proofing tool and immediately approve them when they are finished.


ProofHub’s discussion tool is one of its core features. Users can create discussion topics that allow both users and clients to discuss projects, tasks, or other themes without communicating through long email threads. Documents and files can be shared within these discussion threads.

Resource Allocation & Planning

Proofhub has comprehensive features for time-tracking, which can be adapted for client billing and payroll. However, it doesn’t feature a robust accounting software or a thorough set of tools for project budgeting.

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ProofHub offers a range of tools for task-tracking and time management. It allows time limits to be assigned to specific tasks. It’s also possible to track how long tasks take to completion either through a stopwatch-style timer or by entering a tracked time manually. 

Time data can be logged across a range of customizable timesheets that track, for example, client hours or billable hours. Additionally, it’s possible to access all-time data across all projects in a birds-eye view mode, that allows employees and project managers alike to track how teams are using their time.

Agile Project Management

ProofHub offers a range of methods for project monitoring, including a Burn-up chart, which provides a useful visual for how much work has been completed against overall project targets. Project managers in particular, may find this useful.

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ProofHub offers a range of methods for project monitoring, including a Burn-up chart, which provides a useful visual for how much work has been completed against overall project targets. Project managers in particular, may find this useful.

ProofHub offers a range of methods for project monitoring, including a Burn-up chart, which provides a useful visual for how much work has been completed against overall project targets. Project managers in particular, may find this useful.

ProofHub Pricing

Layer 1
Offers free trial

Most project management software on the market offer multiple pricing plans, often charging per month, per user, per project, or per suite of features. ProofHub offers a standard pricing plan: ProofHub Ultimate Control, which automatically includes its full set of features.

The plan starts with a free 14-day trial. Following the trial, the subscription can be paid month-to-month or billed annually. Businesses that choose to pay annually will save 10% off the overall fee. This standard pricing plan eliminates the need to compare and evaluate different pricing plans. 

Note that these pricing lists are simplified for the purposes of this ProofHub review. For more information, visit ProofHub’s pricing page

Ultimate Control Plan

from $89 per month

Unlimited projects
Unlimited users
100GB storage
Time tracking
Gantt charts
Group chat
Task management
Custom roles
White labeling
Custom workflows
Project manager
Network control
Manage trashed items
API access for data transport
Project and resource reports
Advanced activity logs
Account transfer tool
Priority support
Data export

ProofHub Security

ProofHub has a range of features designed to protect its users’ data security and safeguard their communications. These include:

  • Secure Encryption: ProofHub’s servers are protected by SSL encryption. 

  • Daily Backups: All customer data is backed up daily to multiple secure locations. 

  • Network Access Restriction: Account holders can give access privileges to other users in the team.

  • IP Address Restriction: ProofHub allows users to set IP restrictions, which provides the flexibility for content to be accessed or not accessed in certain regions. 

For more information, visit ProofHub’s privacy policy page.

ProofHub Integrations

Compared to other project management solutions, ProofHub offers a limited range of third-party integrations. Nonetheless, ProofHub offers an open API, giving users the option to create custom integrations. The third-party integrations it does offer include: 

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • Google Calendar
  • Freshbooks
  • iCal
  • OneDrive
  • Box


ProofHub has a bright, modern user interface with an easy to use and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. The interface should prove straightforward for all team members to navigate. 

The dashboard is clearly laid out and uncluttered: team members will be able to see at a glance which projects need to be completed and what their own tasks are. The dashboard can be further customized to suit individual teams and projects. Projects can be color-coded and work items can be tagged and grouped into categories. A feed displays recent activities with a timestamp, while a quick-access sidebar to the left of the dashboard allows users to create new projects and add new team members with a minimum of clicks.

Mobile Apps

ProofHub offers a mobile project management app for iOS and Android operating systems. Through the app, users can access and update project data, add and track tasks, log new ideas, and collaborate with their teams on the go. The app has a clean, well-structured interface that makes it easy for users to participate in all aspects of project management even when they’re not in the office. While the app’s extensive tools can compare with the classic web version, it’s best suited as a supplement for the web-version, to be used between meetings or on the commute.

ProofHub Support

ProofHub provides many ways for users to get in touch with their customer service team: 

  • Help Page: There is a FAQ section, and users have access to several articles accompanied by screenshots covering the software’s features. 

  • Video Tutorials: These short videos guide users on how to use the software.

  • Blog: For product updates and user tips, check out ProofHub’s blog. 

  • Direct Support: Users can email the customer service team or fill out a request form on the ProofHub website.

Unfortunately, phone support is not available in this project management tool. The user should keep this in mind when reaching out to the support team for more elaborate issues.

ProofHub Alternatives

ProofHub is an effective project management software that offers good value for money. However, teams that require a tool with project budgeting features and a bigger range of integrations may want to consider these alternatives:


ProofHub is a reliable and intuitive project management software, with its fixed price and strong feature set making it well suited for small to medium companies. ProofHub is unique in the sense that the price point is fixed for any number of users, unlike most other similar software options on the market. As such, ProofHub could be an affordable option compared with project management tools that charge per person. To top it all off, its interface is intuitive with a clean, simple design, so it can be used both by experienced teams and by beginners who are new to this style of software. 

ProofHub excels at task management, proofing, and file management, while its other standout features include Kanban boards, Gantt charts, time-tracking, and in-built messaging. That said, ProofHub does not offer budget management, and the software has some catching up to do when it comes to integrations. Exceptionally high-growth companies may find that they will eventually outgrow ProofHub. Overall, the user receives good value for money with this solid project management tool. 


ProofHub is a web-based project management software that enables teams to get work done efficiently. The software offers several features that include task management, a Gantt chart view, proofing and file management, time tracking, in-built messaging, and more. 

ProofHub is priced at a flat rate of $89 per month, with unlimited users on the account. Users can also be billed annually and receive a discount. A free trial is available.


ProofHub makes it possible for employees and clients to communicate and collaborate in one central place. To add clients to projects, watch this step-by-step video.