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Task management
Personal dashboard
Automated workflows


No budget and capacity management
Not suited for large businesses
No in-built messaging


MeisterTask is a web-based project management option. It utilizes the Kanban method, allowing teams to organize, manage, and track tasks as they move through stages of completion. MeisterTask lets users create automated workflows to increase efficiency, and teams have many customization options to configure their boards as desired. MeisterTask has a straightforward interface and the tool is suitable for small to medium businesses.

While there is no in-built messaging, an integration like Slack can be connected. MeisterTask also does not offer budget management and capacity management functions, so businesses may have to look at other project management software options if these features are essential. 

In this Meistertask review, we will explore project management features, pricing, ease of use, customer support, add ons, and more.

MeisterTask Dashboard Screenshot

What is MeisterTask?

MeisterTask is a project management tool with over 3 million users. MeisterTask is developed by MeisterLabs GmbH, which was founded in 2006 by Michael Hollauf and Till Vollmer. Their first product MindMeister was launched in 2007, followed by the launch of MeisterTask in 2015.

Facts and Figures

Customers Worldwide3000000
FounderMichael Hollauf, Till Vollmer
HeadquartersMunich, Germany
CEOMichael Hollauf, Till Vollmer

MeisterTask Project Management Features

MeisterTask uses Kanban boards to help teams visually plan their projects and monitor tasks.

Project Planning

MeisterTask’s project planning dashboard makes it simple to manage several projects simultaneously. This dashboard provides an overview of projects, tasks, and notifications which helps teams stay on top of their work and prevents information from getting lost. 

MeisterTask does not have the classic Gantt chart feature, but it does have a timeline function. Tasks are displayed in a calendar view and can be assigned or moved directly to the timeline. The color also shows the status of the tasks.

Tasks appear as cards and they can be laid out in columns. For example, there can be four columns named ‘Open,’ ‘In Progress,’ ‘Review,’ and ‘Done.’ Users can track tasks as they progress from one stage to another. Each card also has a checklist, providing more structure to work.

Each card represents a task in MeisterTask, which contains task details such as task description, due date, comments, and attachments. Users can also add custom fields for projects, which reminds team members to add specific information within each task.

MeisterTask ensures that team members have a smooth process when handling different types of tasks. Users can set up recurring tasks to save time and they can also create streamlined and automated workflows.

Statistics and Reports show employees’ productivity. Managers will be able to see which tasks are taking employees the longest and how much time they are spending working on tasks.

Communication & Collaboration

Team members can share files, leave comments and collaborate effectively. Notifications pop up directly in each user's dashboard whenever new tasks get added or completed. 

Files can be added to the task cards, either uploaded from the desktop or attached from Google Drive, Dropbox or Box.

Alongside the user's tasks in the home screen is another column for notifications with a timestamp. This is great because team members can easily comment on tasks if they have questions or concerns.

Users can create a personal or project related checklist on their dashboard or leave notes there.

Resource Allocation & Planning

MeisterTask provides time-tracking and users can use the scheduling function to plan work efficiently.

Users can enter the start and end time in the provided fields and the tool automatically calculates the total amount of time spent working on tasks.

Agile Project Management

With MeisterTask’s Kanban structure, Agile teams will be able to use the software to a certain extent.

The project boards are customizable which means that Scrum methods like Sprint planning can be done using MeisterTask.

MeisterTask Pricing

Layer 1
Offers free trial

MeisterTask offers a free plan with limited features and three paid plans.


Unlimited project members
Customizable project boards
Tasks from emails
Export to CSV
File attachments up to 20 MB per file
Mobile apps
Email support


from $8.25 per user, per month

All features from the Basic plan
Unlimited projects
Unlimited integrations
Recurring tasks
Project groups
Multiple checklists
File attachments up to 200 MB per file
Searchable task archive
Statistics and reports
Custom backgrounds
Multiple team members
Admin account
Unlimited integrations


from $20.75 per user, per month

All features from the Pro Plan
Roles and permissions
Add groups to your team
Compliance and activity exports
Custom fields
Team-wide project sharing
Group sharing
Security restrictions
Priority email & phone support


Contact MeisterTask for custom pricing

All features from the Business Plan
Tailored pricing offer
Dedicated account manager
Personalized onboarding assistance
Custom security review
SAML Single Sign-On

MeisterTask Security

MeisterTask takes privacy and security seriously. They protect their users through the following ways:

  • They provide a 99.9% service-level agreement for all paid accounts.
  • Regular data backups are performed and data is stored in multiple off-site locations.
  • All accounts use a 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted data transfer between the user and MeisterTask.
  • All projects are private by default, so users can decide whether to make them public or share them.
  • Two-Factor Authentication is available. 

MeisterTask handles all data appropriately following EU-GDPR rules. 

MeisterTask Integrations

Users on the Basic plan can use two integrations per account, while those on the paid plans can use an unlimited amount. 

MeisterTask does not have in-built messaging, but the software can integrate with Slack and a support tool like Zendesk. Here are some of the other integrations: 

  • Gmail
  • Google Drive
  • Google Calendar
  • GitHub
  • Confluence
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Dropbox
  • Bitbucket


MeisterTask has a simple, uncomplicated interface through which users can create tasks with ease. Overdue tasks are automatically highlighted in yellow while completed tasks receive a green checkmark. MeisterTask's intuitive dashboard provides a customizable project list, alongside the user's own tasks and notifications.

Mobile Apps

MeisterTask has iOS and Android applications. Both of the apps let users manage tasks, create to-do lists, and checklists. The reminders feature also allows individuals to stay up to date with the rest of the team's tasks. Users are also able to make changes while being offline. The changes will automatically sync to their account once they are connected to the internet again.

MeisterTask Support

The Help Center provides extensive tutorials accompanied with screenshots. Topics include getting started with the software, features, accounts and billing, integrations, and FAQs. MeisterTask’s Youtube channel also shares short video tutorials and there is a blog that individuals can turn to for productivity tips, software news, and more.

For direct support, companies on the free plan can contact the support team via email and users on the Business and Enterprise accounts also receive priority support. Customers can also call the support team (based in Vienna and Seattle) by phone during regular business hours. 

MeisterTask Alternatives

MeisterTask offers a good set of features for project management but may not meet the needs of every team. Here are some other alternatives: 


MeisterTask is a solid, intuitive project management tool best suited for small to medium businesses. Their free plan allows users to try out the software with the option of upgrading to a paid plan when more advanced project management features are needed. Teams can easily keep track of tasks, automate their workflows, and collaborate effectively. The dashboard also makes it easy to navigate the software quickly and gives a good overview of projects and tasks. 

Nonetheless, some features such as budget management and capacity management are missing, which means that teams that need these functions may need to find an alternative.


MeisterTask offers a free plan, along with three other pricing plans. The Pro plan costs $8.25/user/month while the Business plan costs $20.75/user/month. Those interested in the Enterprise plan will have to contact MeisterTask directly for custom pricing.
MeisterTask is easy to set up and no prior training is required. Teams can get started with the software right away.