10 Best Scheduling Tools & Software of 2021

Start your search here for project management software with the best scheduling tools. Our software reviews are written by experts who have spent 357 hours researching and analyzing every little detail about the top project planning tools on the market. Compare scheduling features, facts and figures to find the right fit for your business.

What is Scheduling Software?

Project scheduling is a feature in project management software that can estimate how long projects will take to get done. In order for these estimations to take place, it considers these key factors: what work needs to be done, the deadlines, and who is responsible for completing these work items. 

Additionally, scheduling takes into account employees’ availability and vacation dates. Once all these factors are documented, tasks get assigned and the project moves forward. 

Advantages of Scheduling Software

  • Encourages detailed thinking and planning
  • Allows for team members to spot problems early on before they can become issues that affect the project deadline.
  • Improves team communication and collaboration