2 Best Idea Management Tools & Software of 2021

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Notion Review

by Notion Labs Inc.
based on765 reviews

Miro Review

by RealtimeBoard, Inc.
based on804 reviews

What is Idea Management Software?

Successful projects and products start from great ideas. Idea management helps with the tracking, storing, and expansion of these ideas. It is particularly handy when innovation and out-of-the box perspectives are required. There are many practices involved during ideation and most popular strategies include mind-mapping, brainstorming, and role-playing. 

Benefits of Idea Management 

Idea management encourages unconventional thinking and can be practiced during any stage of a business. It facilitates a positive environment where employees can feel free to innovate, speak their minds, and give feedback on the ideas of others. Other benefits of idea management include:

  • Maximizing employees’ creative potential and individual growth
  • Engaging employees and valuing their contributions
  • Continually searching for areas in which the company can grow
  • Applying a systematic and organized approach for storing ideas 
  • Providing a visual overview to all ideas before selecting the best solution to the problem
  • Fostering a sense of community spirit