22 Best Gantt Chart Tools & Software of 2021

Start your search here for project management software with the best Gantt chart tools. Our software reviews are written by experts who have spent 357 hours researching and analyzing every little detail about the top Gantt chart tools on the market. Compare Gantt chart features, facts and figures to find the right fit for your business.

What is Gantt Chart Software?

The Gantt chart is a technique for visualizing the progress of a project where different tasks and task dependencies are mapped out in relation to each other. There are many variants of the Gantt chart, but all versions include a time component. Project managers can conceptualize the length of a project, the tasks needed to achieve completion, and how the tasks overlap and relate to each other. 

Features of Gantt Chart Software

Component Function
Timeline Shows the start and end dates for every project, usually measured in terms of weeks or months.
Tasks Work items that show what has to be completed in order for the project to be finished successfully.
Sub-tasks Smaller work items that need to be fulfilled in order to execute a task. They are often attached to tasks with little arrows.
Bars Usually a fixed time period assigned to a task or sub-task and is mapped out against the timeline.
Milestones General objectives that indicate when a project is moving forward and typically have no fixed time periods for attaining them.

Benefits of Gantt Chart Software

The Gantt chart helps users visually grasp all stages of a project, making it an incredible tool for obtaining an overview of a project’s progress. It is used in multiple industries across the globe, from software development to construction. Other benefits of the Gantt chart are: 

  • Enhanced team collaboration and communication
  • Tracking the progress of a project
  • Teams have a clear sense of what tasks or sub-tasks need to be prioritized first 
  • Set realistic timeframes and project deadlines
  • Distribute and keep track of resources more effectively
  • Create transparency and accountability for the project