28 Best Project Planning Tools & Software of 2021

Start your search here for project management software with the best project planning tools. Our software reviews are written by experts who have spent 357 hours researching and analyzing every little detail about the top project planning tools on the market. Compare project planning features, facts and figures to find the right fit for your business.

What is Project Planning Software?

Project planning software enables teams to plan, set deadlines, and complete tasks on time. Most project management software offer features such as Kanban boards, Gantt charts and customizable templates to help teams improve their workflows.

Types of Project Planning Software

Component Function
Kanban A Kanban board shows cards (tasks) that can then be moved into columns from left to right until completion.
Gantt charts Show all the tasks that need to be completed against a specified timeline to complete the project successfully.
Workflow management Refers to automating work processes, so tasks get done efficiently.
Task management Work items that can be assigned to team members and then tracked from the beginning until completion.
Product cycle management Having better control of a product as it develops through its life cycle. 
Idea management The process encourages teams to collect and evaluate ideas together. 
Progress monitoring Receive details about work activity to keep track of project progress. 

Project planning is the first step of project management and lays down the path for a successful project. Effective project planning features help projects stay on track, boost workplace efficiency, and notify users about upcoming deadlines.