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Best Communication & Collaboration Tools

Start your search for the best project management software with communication and collaboration tools here. Compare product features, facts and figures from our experts to find out which tool is the best communication and collaboration software for your business.

What are Communication & Collaboration Tools?

Collaboration is a dynamic process that involves the contributions of multiple individuals and is essential in moving a project forward. Most project management software have collaboration tools such as in-built messaging and discussion boards that ensure team members stay connected and engaged. 

In-Built Messaging

With an instant work chat client, team members can communicate with each other in real-time. Some in-built messaging systems also support voice and video conferencing features, as well as screen-sharing and file-sharing. This mode of communication is most suitable for casual conversations or queries that do not need a detailed response.


Discussion boards allow users to compose responses that are not limited by time or length and ensure that all conversations are threaded and contextualized. Like in-built messaging, some discussion boards also allow users to upload images and files. 

External Collaboration

Internal collaboration is important, but external collaboration is equally essential. Most teams have working partnerships with other departments in the company or clients and external vendors. External collaborative tools such as a client portal or proofing features are thus crucial for creating feedback cycles between teams and clients.


Since some tasks are a collaborative effort, users want to be notified when a task they are working on experiences new progress. Announcements, notifications, and the activity feed are great ways of informing the user of new updates. 


When a project develops and new decisions are made, these changes have to be documented and kept for future reference. Some project management software come equipped with note-taking features and even allows users to co-edit a single document. 

File Sharing

A central feature of all project management software is file-sharing. Users can not only send files to each other, but also annotate, leave comments, and mark-up documents. Most file storage limits are usually tied in with pricing plans.

With these collaborative and communicative tools in place, a team can move a project forward with ease and confidence.