7 Best IT Project Management Tools & Software of 2021

Start your search here for project management software with the best IT project management tools. Our software reviews are written by experts who have spent 357 hours researching and analyzing every little detail about the top IT project management tools on the market. Compare project planning features, facts and figures to find the right fit for your business.

What is IT Project Management Software?

Developing new technology and managing the activities of IT projects require specialized tools. IT project management tools are designed to plan, organize, execute, and continually monitor the growth and expansion of IT projects as time passes. Many project management software aid this process by developing features such as agile workflows and issue-tracking. 

Benefits of IT Project Management Software

  • Having specialized technology that introduces solutions specific to IT projects
  • A single, integrated platform where the entire life cycle of a IT project can be tracked and monitored
  • Better documentation of prototypes and beta versions of IT products and services
  • Supports Agile methodologies such as Kanban and Gantt charts
  • Closer collaboration between employees