Best Issue Tracking Software

Start your search for the best project management software with issue tracking features here. Compare product features, facts and figures from our experts to find out which tool is the best issue tracking software for your business.

What is Issue Tracking Software?

Issue tracking helps development teams catalog reported bugs and issues so that they can be resolved quickly. Often they are spotted and squashed during beta testing, but other times they are reported by users and have to be fixed. Some IT project management software have bug tracking features to keep track of these issues. 

Benefits of Issue Tracking

  • Improved quality of a released product or software
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Helps development teams identify areas of improvement in their code
  • Helps development teams generate a list of bugs to be fixed that are arranged according to their urgency and priority levels
  • Reduces time spent and costs associated with the development as problems are recognized and rectified preemptively