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19 Best Agile Project Management Tools of 2021

Start your search here for best project management software with the best Agile project management tools. Our software reviews are written by experts who have spent 357 hours researching and analyzing every little detail about the top Agile project management tools on the market. Compare Agile project management features, facts and figures to find the right fit for your business.

What are Agile Project Management Tools?

Agile project management is on the rise as one of the most popular methods of working on IT projects. Compared to traditional approaches, Agile project management emphasizes non-linear workflows and adapts quickly to the fast-changing conditions of IT projects. Teams who adopt an Agile mindset are committed to innovation, quality, and delivering the best possible results within short timeframes. 


Agile project management encompasses a variety, but one of the most popular strategies is Scrum. The Scrum framework revolves around creative problem-solving and working on tasks in small batches known as sprints. Most Agile project management software also include Agile reports such as sprint velocity and sprint burndown, which provide project managers with vital statistics about how the Scrum team is doing.

The benefits of Agile project management are well-studied and documented, especially within the field of technology and software development:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Increased quality and value of the product
  • Reduced time wasted in fruitless meetings 
  • Continually adapts to the customer’s needs and demands 
  • Speeds up project planning and project execution
  • Ensures transparency and visibility into work routines and keeps everyone on the same page

Agile project management has dramatically altered the way the IT industry functions. Though not present in every project management software, it remains a relatively common feature and is worth looking out for.