We're Hiring! is on a mission to bring transparency to software reviews. 

Studies show that the majority of shoppers use online reviews to make buying decisions, yet more than a third of them are misinformed, incentivized, or even paid for. Our mission is to reverse this statistic in the software vertical with data-driven, transparent reviews that focus on the facts - not opinions. 

Who We Are

We’re a young start-up based in Berlin, with a remote team distributed across multiple countries. We’ve already got the ball rolling, but we need more bright, talented people to join our team to build rock-solid foundations to help us thrive. 

When you start at, you can expect: 

  • Be valued: We genuinely look after and empower our people.
  • Remote working: It’s part of our DNA and is out of choice, not because a pandemic forced us to. We believe in flexibility and trust that it enables our team’s best work. 
  • Constant improvement: We’re avid learners in both our personal and professional life. We provide real opportunities to grow and progress your career. 
  • Perks and benefits: We offer competitive salaries, all the benefits of working at a German company, home office setup (such as a laptop, monitor, headphones, and peripherals), and a free Urban Sports Club membership to keep you fit and healthy. 

Our Core Values

Company core values can often be a cliche, but we actually apply these to our work - every single day. 

  • Trust: The foundation of our business. 
  • Strive for excellence: Take on greater challenges and learn from every mistake.
  • Transparency: Communicate with clarity and honesty.
  • Empower: Become the best version of yourself.
  • Small Victories: Celebrate continued progress, not just the big wins.

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