About Us

The Results.com Story

Our mission is to bring transparency to the B2B software market.

In an age where so much information is right at our fingertips, consumers are becoming smarter in the way they make purchases. Rather than trusting a company's marketing material, we now rely on personal recommendations or online reviews to make a purchase.  

In 2020, we have a new problem: fake reviews. Research has shown that while around a third of online reviews are unreliable, the vast majority of shoppers (more than 80%) tend to rely on reviews to make buying decisions. The B2B software market is no different - most software user reviews are either paid for or incentivized, leading readers to make decisions based on inaccurate information. 

To combat this problem, we're reinventing reviews by focusing on what's important: features, facts and figures. 

The Results.com Review Process

Our writers spend 300+ hours in each software category, examining the nuts and bolts of each tool before writing their review. Each review is then subjected to multiple rounds of fact-checking and revisions to ensure objectivity and accuracy. 

Each review is segmented into features and functions that we deem most important to its product category. All tools are rated on the same scale, allowing the reader to easily compare between multiple options. 

Examples of these features include: 

  • Core functionalities
  • Collaboration tools
  • Security and data protection 
  • Ease of use 
  • Available integrations
  • The quality of customer support 
  • Customization capabilities
  • Mobile apps
  • Overall impression 

We’re constantly iterating on our review model to make it as easy as possible for our readers to find the right software for their business. 

Why is Results.com free?

We're driven by our mission of bringing transparency to the software market. That applies to us as well - we're an open book when disclosing how we make money. 

To fund Results.com, we have marketing partnerships with different software providers. Depending on the partnership, this could be on an affiliate, lead generation or display basis. 

That being said: we're in the business of helping other businesses choose the right software - regardless of the financial incentives. By creating a resource that's objective and impartial, we're on a mission to revive trust in the software industry. We rely on features, facts and figures, and this is reflected in our ratings. Everything you see on our website is designed to be as process-driven and systematic as possible.

Transparency is of utmost importance to us. As we're creating a service that only works if our readers can trust us, it's in both our interests to do the right thing.  

Our priority is - and always will be - putting our readers first. 

Company Values

At Results.com, our five core values are the foundation of our work and underpin everything we do. 

  1. Trust – The foundation of our business
  2. Strive for excellence – Take on greater challenges and learn from every mistake
  3. Transparency – Communicate with clarity and honesty
  4. Empower – Become the best version of yourself
  5. Small Victories – Celebrate continued progress, not just the big wins 

Our core values are reflected both within the team and in all of the work we do.

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